Ads, Music Videos and Films

From the capital city to tinsel town and the moon and back, with a heady concoction of moves and a groovy blend of styles, we choreograph all the way from ad films to feature films.

Shows and Events

A plethora of styles and oodles of adaa, it is our forte to leave the audience mesmerized!

Workshops and Training Programmes

Building confidence, increasing teamwork, bonding and letting go of inhibitions, releasing stress, personality development, imbibing a sense of comfort with the inner and outer space; all this and a lot more can be joyfully achieved with the therapeutic touch of dance, targeted especially at institutes and organizations.

Regular Classes

Enroll for the weekly classes to learn the latest moves, enlighten yourself about different styles or simply shed those extra kilos.

Private Lessons

If the hustle and bustle of life is keeping you from enrolling in a group class, get personalized classes as per your schedule. (Especially recommended for workaholics!)


Be it the celebration of the union of two hearts or any grand occasion, we all love to shake a leg or two during all festivities. Come in groups or prepare for a special solo; we choreograph for one and all! (Please note, we only choreograph and do not perform at any function.)

We welcome you to the world of dance!