Transparent Dreams are the starting point of every human endeavour,
Of works of art and enterprise, empires and regimes;
People assume that dreamers are merely dreamers, however,
The best made plans all have their roots in Transparent Dreams...

Transparent Dreams are theatrical productions staged by ADAA, involving everything from conceptualization to execution, including scripting, music compilation, costumes, sound & light design, graphics, choreography, direction, management and marketing.

Reality is the culmination of your dreams. Over the years, Transparent Dreams has presented different hues of ADAA and my being. It has been a reflection of our existence and presence. It is an expression of unconditional, unembellished and unending love and devotion. It is the confluence of hearts and minds that resonate to the rhythm. The consonance that is heard in the pulse of myriad arts and people coming together in an exhibition of their passion. These are ADAA’s very own Transparent Dreams ... Dreams that did come true!