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‘I Buddha,’ International Buddhist Conclave

26th September 2014 | Ministry of Tourism, Bodhgaya

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300 international delegates, 200 monks, 50 local students, 8 sequences, 3 days of training, 1 miracle. The impossible was realized as ADAA magically staged a magnum opus dance theatrical, involving conceptualization, scripting, music compilation, costumes, sound & light design, graphics, choreography, direction and management, on the prestigious invitation from the Ministry of Tourism for the opening of the International Buddhist Conclave 2013 in Bodhgaya, India. Acclaimed as a parallel to a Broadway production, ‘I Buddha,’ was a journey of self-realization from small ‘I’ (the ego) to the big ‘I’ (higher self). As the final chants echoed in the backdrop of hundreds of candles illuminating the stage, the immersed audience rose from their seats in this moment of enlightenment.