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6th October 2006 | Red Fort, Delhi

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Today, 350 years after it was built, the Red Fort will stop being a monument. The symbol of power, royalty and governance is once again reverberating to the sound of life.

The noise transforms into music, the movement turns into dance. There is color and fragrance wafting through the gardens and the pavilions. Once again life is coursing through the veins of this historic emblem.

The Red Sand stone is the backdrop for passion. The banks of the River Yamuna, look upon the spirit of expression coming together in forms that Emperor Shah Jahan could have never imagined.

When tradition becomes contemporary, boundaries dissolve and true spirit emerges. It is no longer a fad or a flavour but the essence of the soul.

An essence, a heritage, a history shared by India and Pakistan, just like the stage today.

The recreation of this history brings to life the song, the dance, the music, the sights, the poetry, the beauty, the lifestyle that these ramparts have witnessed in the past. Only this time, its not for the pleasure of a monarch but an ode to God and His unconditional, pure love.